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About Us




ALIT is shortened of Arek Lintang, a Non Government Organization (NGO) which formally established on April 22, 1999. Many founders of ALIT had conducting some assistance duties for street children in Surabaya since 1996.

The Vision of ALIT is to develop an equality for all children to achieve their rights. Our mission is to promote the condition of marginal children such as street children, children from poor areas in middle of the city and remote areas through family mission is to promote the condition of marginal children such as street children, children of rural and remote areas, children from minority groups. Through family economical empowerment development, improvement of children participation, and advocacy to the local and national government.

Nowadays, ALIT has developed and reachable by the community in several areas all over Indonesia and international community. We are working together with many parties in running our mission such with the Indonesia government, other NGOs, international
organizations, universities, press media , United Nations agency, and some private groups. test