Sexual Abuse Pada anak Dampak yang akan dirasakan dan hak-hak korban

Sexual abuse of children in this decade shown an increasingly serious and apprehensive situation. the existence of sexual violence shows the malfunctioning of norms in a person which results in violation of a human right and the interests of his victims.

Komnas Perlindungan Anak dan Perempuan (National Commission for Child and Women's Protection) mentioned several forms of sexual violence including rape, sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, sexual torture, sexual slavery and intimidation / sexual attacks including threats or attempted rape.

The form of sexual violence above mentioned the existence of sexual harassment, in society usually equate sexual violence with sexual harassment with an act of the same. Sexual harassment with sexual violence can be said to be almost the same, but actually sexual harassment is actually a part of the form of sexual violence as mentioned by the National Commission for Child and Women's Protection above, but in the criminal law it is not introduced to the term sexual harassment but sexual violence only which is divided into sexual intercourse and sexual abuse, because sexual harassment is a familiar language in the community.

Dr. N.K. Endah Triwijati, a lecturer in Psychology at Surabaya University, stated that sexual harassment is sexual behavior that is unwanted and undesirable by the recipient or the victim and results in disrupting the recipient of the harassment, behavior that can be classified as sexual harassment such as coercion of sexual activity, undesirable or degrading-oriented statements and results in disrupting the recipient of harassment, behavior that can be classified as acts of sexual harassment such as coercion of sexual activity, undesirable or degrading-oriented statements that result in disrupting the recipient of harassment. sexual or sexuality, sexually-oriented jokes, requests for sexual acts preferred by the offender and also sexual connotation or behavior, these actions can be conveyed directly or indirectly (implicitly).

Sexual harassment can be categorized into:

A. Verbal sexual harassment
the form of verbal sexual harassment is more done with the form of speech / words aimed at others but leads to something related to sexually, this harassment can take the form of:

Joking, flirting with the opposite sex or the same sex, or asking questions about sex in a discussion or chat that is not specifically discussed about sex.
Sexually oriented whistling.
Delivering or asking other people about sexual desires or sexual activities that have been carried out by that person, which makes the person uncomfortable.
Criticize or comment on the physical form that leads to parts of sexuality, for example the shape of a person's buttocks or sex.

B. Non-verbal sexual harassment
The form of non-verbal abuse is the opposite of verbal if in verbal abuse is to use words or invitations in the form of writing in the category of non-verbal use more actions but do not touch directly between the perpetrator and his victim, for example:

  • Showing their own genitals in front of others both personal and in public
  • Looking at other people's sexual parts with a seductive look,
  • Swiping genitals to other people.

C. Physical sexual harassment
In this category of sexual harassment between the perpetrator and the victim there has been physical contact, can be classified as mild and severe acts for example:
1) Touching someone's body with sexual content and not wanted by the victim.
2) Rape or forced sexual acts.
3) Hug, kiss or pat someone who sexually oriented.