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Youth Development Program

Tradional Dance

At the beginning of 2004, this program was designed as a response toward situation of street youth above eighteen years old. Most of them were street children who got intervention program of poverty alleviation from various parties. But since they were no longer considered as children, they became a street group without no intervention program from any parties even they actually had heavier intensity problems than they were been kids.

With less different background as they were been street children, but without any interventions, their quantity got bigger as the result of age shifting from childhood to be young people, with their mobility at some suburban areas which got higher nearby Surabaya gateway. Jobless problems, Drug Abuse, and street crimes were getting arisen in this group.

Through this program, ALIT encouraged them to get involved in some activities focusing on the mental changing, skill enhancement, and entrepreneurship. The result of the intervention has now formed as several business groups and cooperate sport groups based on the aptitude and local resource.

Hype Abizz

More than 200 youth, marginal groups in suburban areas and impoverished villages in East Java can now enjoy the effects of our program. Several mutual cooperation belong to youth group which have been developed are now joining in Hypeabizz youth flash mob dance, TROY athletic and cafe that totally directed by youth groups.